Default Values

Demonstration - Setting Document Type Based on Rules

Default values allow you to automatically set values in Aerofiler. For example, suppose you wish to flag a document as a "Material Contract" if the contract value is above $100,000. To begin, start with two custom fields: "Material Contract" (Yes / No) and "Contract Value" (Number).

Then, click the "Settings" icon for "Material Contract":

Then, click "Manage Rules" to define the contract value threshold:

Click "Create Rule and define a rule as follows:

Then, set the default value to be true when the contract value is greater than $100,000:

Now, when the contract value is set to greater than $100,000, the "Material Contract" fields will be set to "Yes":

If the "Material Contract" field is manually edited (which will be indicated by the field having a white background), then automatic updates will no longer occcur.

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