List Fields

To initially create a List, type the list values one per line as follows:

Adding List Values

To modify a list field, click the Edit icon:

New list values can be added by typing them one per line:

Modifying List Values

List values can be changed by editing the value in the text box. When a value is changed, the colour will also change to provide a visual cue:

The colour will revert to black once the changed is saved:

Archiving List Values

Suppose the "Corporate" Department is no longer applicable. To reflect this in Aerofiler, the "Archive" function could be used on the "Corporate" Department:

The effect of this would be that "Corporate" could no longer be selected as a value. However, existing documents with a Department of "Corporate" would still display that value, to accurately reflect the historical record.

If a value such as "Corporate" is archived, then "Corporate" cannot be used for new values because this would result in conflicting naming.

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