Document Template

Uploading a Contract Template

If a ‘Third Party Paper’ workflow is being set up, ensure that the “Use document template” option is not enabled. Where an ‘Own Template’ workflow is being set up, click the “Use document template” switch.

For the ‘Own Template’ workflow, upload your template by selecting the file using the “Browse” button or by dragging and dropping the file in the “Template upload” box.

The document is automatically opened for your viewing on the same page.

Templating Fields

Once the template is uploaded, you are able to insert fields such as counterparty, start date and end date into the document.

Suppose the field being automated is the counterparty name. Select the text relevant to the field to be automated, i.e. the counterparty name.

Right click to see the option to replace the selected text the relevant field.

Select the “Fields” option and the relevant field that is being automated, i.e. “Counterparty”. The text will then be replaced with the template tag.

Deleting Template Fields

The following video demonstrates how to delete templated fields:

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