Direct Integration

Direct integrations allow you send data to Aerofiler using a button or link in another application. To use a direct workflow, enable the switch and select a workflow:

Then, select the workflow you wish to connect:

Here, we have selected "Sales Agreement":

Afterwards, select the Aerofiler fields you wish to connect to the other application. Here is an example of selecting "Counterparty", "Start Date", "End Date", and "Contract Value":

You should then be able to copy the link for use in the other application:[COUNTERPARTY]&startDate=[START DATE]&afEndDate=[END DATE]&contractValue=[CONTRACT VALUE]

The final step is to replace the values in square brackets (in the above example [COUNTERPARTY], [START DATE], [END DATE] and [CONTRACT VALUE]) in the other application.

Salesforce Example

Using Salesforce an an example, suppose you wish to create a link in an Account called "Generate Contract". Begin by choosing "Account" from the Object Manager:

Then, click on "Buttons, Links, and Actions":

Create a new button or link, and name it "Generate Contract":

Then, paste in the link from Aerofiler and highlight the relevant field. In the example below, we are mapping to "Counterparty" in Aerofiler:

You would then replace it with the relevant field in Salesforce. Here, we are mapping "Account Name" to "Counterparty":

This is what the link should look like after replacement:

You can then optionally map any further fields required.

Adding a Link in Salesforce

In Object Manager, click on Page Layouts:

Then choose the relevant layout:

Add a custom link to the Account as follows:

Generating the Contract from Salesforce

In an account, if you now click on details you will see an option to generate a contract:

This will direct you to Aerofiler, where you can select the applicable contract workflow:

When you select the applicable contract workflow, any mapped fields should be automatically brought into Aerofiler:

More information about workflows is available here.

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