Smart Naming

Aerofiler allows you to use smart naming conventions when downloading and viewing files.

Smart Display Name

Smart display names are used when files are displayed in Aerofiler. To begin, click on the "Smart Display Name" tab:

Suppose we wish documents to display in the system based on counterparty, title and start date based on a particular convention. For a counterparty of "Acme Pty Ltd", a title of "Master Services Agreement" and a start date of "2022-05-31" we wish the display to be:

Acme Pty Ltd - Master Services Agreement (2022-05-31)

To begin, click on the input area:

Then in the dropdown, choose "Counterparty". Aerofiler will then insert the tag:

Next, add the hyphen manually as follows:

Then, complete the remainder of the input using your desired syntax and click "Save":

Your smart naming format will then be used through the application where documents are displayed. For example, in Folders, the document will appear as follows:

Smart Download Name

Smart download names are set in a similar manner to the above. Smart download names apply when documents are downnloaded. For example, on the Documents page, if you click Actions -> Download (smart filename) the document will be downloaded as follows, regardless of the original file name:

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