Example - Creating a Workflow in Aerofiler

In this example, we will demonstrate how to create an Aerofiler workflow using the API. We will begin with an Aerofiler workflow with three fields:

  • Counterparty

  • Start Date

  • Purpose

In Aerofiler, this should appear as follows:

Go to Settings -> Organization -> API Keys. If needed, generate an API key by clicking "Create API Key":

Then click "View API". To begin, click "Authorize" and then enter your API key:

Next, retrieve a list of available workflows:

Then, copy the id from the NDA workflow:

Go to the following GET endpoint, click "Try it out" and paste the id:

The response will return the specific parameters used for the workflow:

Then, go to the following POST endpoint, click "Try it out and paste the id:

This will initially return some boilerplate code:

You can test the workflow in Aerofiler by completing the parameters from the GET request:

Clicking "Execute" should create the workflow in Aerofiler:

The output will also produce a curl command, including the endpoint you should use (boxed in red below) when integrating with other applications:

If there are errors, further details will be provided in the response:

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